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We started our journey 8 years back in CRM universe. Most of our clients requested to configure and customize their CRM instances to match their business processes and their industry segment. Since then we’ve helped various industry segments like Call Centers, Medical and Healthcare, Legal, Travel and Tourism, Real Estate, Airlines, Telecom, Retail and many more in implementation of CRM to increase their productivity and save time.


The idea of Sales Hiker was born in 2017 from the extracts of our experience while working with many entrepreneurs and enterprises. We are happy to share few of our key observations and problems that we are trying to solve.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

  • Companies prefer a ready solution for their industry instead of getting a generic CRM customized to match their needs
  • Industry specific vertical CRM with localized in terms of language, regulatory requirements and business practices is much desired.
  • There cannot be a single CRM that can cater all different types of businesses
  • Still many businesses prefer to control their precious data by having their CRM on their server locally or on web server under their control.
  • It really requires a good training to get the most out of CRM even if it has similar generic common process flows like any other CRM software
  • Integration with various third party services makes a CRM even better productivity tool

We have started with offering a very powerful CRM with lots of capabilities to start with. Sales Hiker comes with lots of flexibilities and possibilities.


  • Personalize SalesHiker with your logo on Login screen and inside CRM to intensify your brand value within your team
  • We also help you configuring it on your subdomain, for example – “crm.yourdomainname.com”. Completely labelled as yours.
  • Integrate with your website to capture leads from web directly into CRM
  • Integrate with email services like mailchimp, telephony like various PBX services, accounting services  and many more…


This is just a beginning of our journey with you & we will keep on adding and sharing from time to time.  

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