Features built for your SUCCESS


  • Leads/Inquiries
  • Activity & Calendars
  • Contacts and Organizations
  • Opportunities and Sales Pipeline
  • Products, Quotes and Invoicing
  • Email & Report Automation
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  • Landing Pages & Webforms
  • Email Campaign
  • Email Templates
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  • Tickets
  • SLA(Service level agreements)
  • Email convertor
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Label manager

  • Setup or manage text of field or page or feature as per your business needs.
  • Easy to use interface for non technical person to update labels for all fields.

Sales target

  • Forecast your sales team’s target by week,month and quarter to keep your sales team.
  • Setup forecast against close deal,sales,paid invoice or opportunity.
  • view  Target Vs Actual sales in nice color coding reporting.

Email campaign

  • Schedule and send email to leads / contact or company using well designed email campaign features.
  • send thousands of email in couple of seconds OR schedule mass emails in some other day.
  • Extensive reporting tools to view open/click email statistics.

Email tracking

  • Track email sent from the system from any of the modules either it could be lead/contact/organization/quotes or invoice.
  • Graphical view of the report to see open email as well as report on click in link in email.

Payment and Billing

  • Account Receivable
    Record and track payment received against invoice. View status of outstanding/paid/unpaid/partially paid invoice.
  • Account Payable
    Record and manage payment made against supplier’s purchase order. View status of outstanding/paid/unpaid/partial paid payment of supplier’s purchase order.



  • Create workflows to automate tasks like sending emails on any action, notify team or sending reminders for meetings or events
  • Receive reports on predefined date and time in Excel format for selected users


  • Auto schedule Report & Mail scanner
  • Schedule Birthday,Anniversary messages
  • Schedule Auto reminder of calendar & activities


  • Social Integration
  • Documents
  • Email client
  • Support System
  • Accounting
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