• Capture leads/inquiries from various sources in one place and assign to right team member
  • Filter and track the statuses user wise with updates
  • 360 degree view and dashboard widgets by status, source and industry
  • Integrated with Website,Email client (gmail/outlook/office 365)

Activity & Calendars

  • Create/Share/Integrate calendar with third party calendar
  • Automate calendar activities based on trigger & activities

Contacts and Organizations

  • Manage all types of business contacts efficiently with all details integrated with features like emails, appointments, quotes and more
  • Assign and manage contacts, organisations (accounts or companies) to users

Opportunities and Sales Pipeline

  • Create and track all sales opportunities by the Team. Analyze and help Sales team to obtain optimum results
  • Helps company to forecast revenue and pick the close deals
  • Sales pipeline reporting to track sales by sales team

Products, Quotes and Invoicing

  • Add products, create Quotes and convert accepted Quotes into Invoices
  • Attach documents and catalogues to Quotes and send anything by email in one click

Email & Report Automation

  • Automatically creation of leads/contact from specific types of email received in your Inbox
  • Schedule and send report created from various modules to management email inbox.

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