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Fully featured CRM integration with WhatsApp

Why Saleshiker CRM for WhatsApp?


Multiple Agents

Run Customer Support on WhatsApp with shared inbox between multiple agents



Setup workflow to send notification to Agents to customer on any updates of Record


InApp Notification

Get instant notification when customer send WhatsApp Message


Centralized Communication

Manage WhatsApp Messages in a shared inbox and centralize customer communication in one platform


CRM Connection

Closely connected with CRM to integrate WhatsApp message as comments, Ticket or other important feature.


Manage Contacts

Manage all your WhatsApp contacts,filter them and more.


Multiple WhatsApp

Manage WhatsApp Messages to contacts Against multiple WhatsApp numbers.


WhatsApp Templates

Predefined messages template to quickly access during conversation


Unknown Numbers

Convert Unknown numbers to contacts from WhatsApp Timeline interface.



Sales Automation

Helps businesses to streamline their sales process and improve sales efficiency.

  • Automate time-consuming tasks such as lead tracking, opportunity management, and sales reporting.
  • focus on high-value activities such as engaging with customers, closing deals, and building relationships.
Lead Management
Contact Management
Opportunity Management
Sales Forecasting

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Sales Reporting
Sales Analytics

Marketing Automation

Enables organizations to automate repetitive and time-consuming marketing tasks, such as email campaigns, lead nurturing, and social media management.

Lead Generation
Email Campaign
Social Campaign
Social Ads Integration
SMS Campaign
Landing Pages

Service Automation

Enables organizations to provide efficient and effective customer service and support.

Ticket management
Knowledge Management
Customer portal
Helpdesk Automation
Auto Reply & Auto conversion
Routine Task Automation
Workflow Automation

Allows organizations to automate and streamline business processes such as lead management, sales processes, and customer service workflows. This reduces the time and effort required to complete tasks, while improving consistency and accuracy.

Sales Pipeline

Enable organizations to manage their leads effectively by tracking them through the different stages of the sales process. helps organizations to plan their resources, budget, and overall business strategy.

WhatsApp Integration with CRM

WhatsApp integration with CRM allows organizations to communicate with their customers in real-time using WhatsApp. This includes sending and receiving messages, images, videos, and other media.

Mobile Apps to easily convert sales to customer

  • Intuitive Dashboard for key summary information of CRM
  • Quickly manage Leads/Contacts/Opportunities.
  • Task and Event management
  • Customer on Map.
  • Live Sales Team Tracking.
  • Analytics and Reporting.

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$16 ( ₹1096 ) per user per month
(Paid Annually Get 20% Discount)
Monthly $20 ( ₹1370 )
Standard FeaturesStart Trial


$16 ( ₹1096 ) per user per month

(Paid Annually Get 20% Discount)

Monthly $20 ( ₹1370 )

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Sales Management
  •  Leads
  • Opportunity
  • Lead Conversation
  • Lead Tracking
Sales Pipeline
  • Customize Sales Stages
  • Deal Kanban View
  • Idle Deal Alerts
  • Time Spent in Every Stage
Salesforce Automation
  • Multiple Pipelines
  • Profile and Engagement Scoring
  • Lead Scoring
Help Desk
  • Least Loaded Ticket Assignment
  • Agent Level Business Hours
  • Sales Insights
  • Support Insights
  • Customization Reports and Dashboards
Project Management
  • Task Dependencies (Finish to Start)
  • Automated Task end Times (User Business Hours)
  • Lists and Segments
  • Profile Scoring
  • 1000 Emails/Month
  • Autoresponders
  • Consents for Compliance
  • Web to Lead Forms
  • Email Template Builder
  • List Reports
  • Email Campaign Reports
Inventory Management
  • Invoicing
  • Vendor Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Subscriptions
  • Payment Tracking
  • Sales Order
  • WhatsApp Web Integration
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Google Integration
The Bike Venture

The Bike Venture

Grab a helmet and let's go

Night Sky App

Night Sky App

A simple application for Andriod



A short film

Jack Graham

Jack Graham

Photo shoot

Blog Design

Blog Design

Pure eye candy

Smart Functions to Boost Your Business Processes
Hike your organisation’s productivity by using Sales Hiker


Sales Target
Forecast sales of your sales-team by monthly, quarterly and yearly agianst goal and actual sales.


Email Campaign
Schedule and send mass-email to the list of the subscriber for the selected email template.


Email tracking
Track email sent to subscriber – review open email with click on email link.


Lead Scoring
Prioritize Hot leads by calculating lead score by considering email open count,click count etc…


Sales force automation
Automate workflow process on updation of any field of record to generate various actions.


Payment & Billing
Manage payment against Invoice from customers. Pay payment to vendors.


SLA – Ticketing
Extensive Ticket SLA flow to notify manager on inactivity of ticket for predefined time limit.


Label manager
Nice feature to manage field label under your control to change whatever word you would like.

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