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Who we are ? What we do ?

Who we are ?

icon We work with various Lead Management & CRM software since 2009. We traveled journey of installation, configuration and customization with all our clients to map their selected CRM software to their business process.
icon During our journey we found that each CRM software has it’s own unique features and configuration styles. No matter what CRM software you choose it always require customization to map your business process. We also found that customers have to pay for all modules no matter these modules are useful to customers or not.
icon Keeping all these points in mind we built SalesHiker as unique CRM software where you can decide what you want and pay only for selected modules. During our journey we have developed multiple plugins and workflows, all these will be included in your package.
icon If you are in Education, Manufacturing, Travel & Tourism, Logistic or eCommerce industry, we have specific plugins and modules available for you.

What we do

We provide CRM and make sure it helps you.

icon We understand importance of CRM for small and medium sized enterprises from various industries and segments. We are aiming to build industry wise CRM for better adoption and ease of use.
icon We will keep adding more industry verticals, features and integrations on our journey with you to better productivity and increasing sales.

Popular Features

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