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Sell More with simplified Email Marketing Automation.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and effective tool for all industries. At Sales Hiker we made it easy with our Email Campaign feature. Now you need not subscribe any third party services to send marketing emails or news letter with Sales Hiker’s Email Campaign module.

Run email campaigns with simple 4 steps

  1. Configure your outgoing email server
  2. Create Subscribers’ lists
  3. Create and Run email campaigns
  4. Review Reports and plan your next strategy

Configure Outgoing Server  This is simple basic step where you add your email account outgoing SMTP Server details with username and password.

Build Subscriber Lists . This tool gives you flexibility to build your lists of emails with conditions. Either leads or Contacts, you select any module, add conditions like Leads with status “Hot” or Contacts with location of a specific city or country. Select if all conditions should match or any of the added condition matches. You can even build frequently reusable lists for your and your team. Just like any other record keep your list for yourself or assign it to a group.

Email Campaign Design your campaign with essential details like From Name, From email, Reply To with unsubscribe option. Select subscriber’s list and apply filter if you wish to further send emails with additional conditions.

Select an email template or create an email with wysiwyg editor and click next.

Now you are all set to broadcast your emails. Here you have three options 1. Send a Test mail, 2. Schedule Later or 3. Send Now. Send a test mail first and you will receive it on your own email. Review it before sending the emails to your subscribers. Post review, if there isn’t any change, select to “Send Now” or “Schedule Later” for sending all mails on a specific date and time.

Reports This is the most important tool of the entire process flow. All emails are sent, the report will show how many mails are delivered, unique opened with Percentage and how many unsubscribed.

If you have inserted any web-links in email, the report will also show which links were clicked and by how many recipients.

Click on “Unique Open” or “Link Unique Click” will give you the list of the records. This is the list you have to act upon next.

Do not underestimate the power of emails.

Here are some facts about email marketing to keep in mind.

  1.  Not only Adults, but teenagers use emails too and it’s rising
  2. Emails are dominant tool for communicating between professionals
  3. Email marketing delivers better ROI and it’s miles ahead of Social Campaigns

Use email marketing wisely.

Though email marketing is a must and has far more advantages than other marketing channels, you need to use this tool wisely and smartly

  1. It’s easy for people to dump your emails permanently by unsubscribe or spam options so send it with relevance and make it personlized
  2. Good content with relevance is a challenge, so do it smartly
  3. Your email has to work well on mobile device too or else you are missing on a big part of your leads and contacts.

The Best Time To Call Me is EMAIL

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