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Kanban view is one of the most powerful tool to manage work for personal and organizational level

Sales Hiker CRM has inbuilt “Kanban view or Board” that’s especially useful for Leads and opportunities. As commonly known, Kanban board gives work progress overview in stages represented as “Cards” showing progress from Left to right as shown in the image above.

Though Kanban view is popularly used for opportunities or lead stage, we recommend to use it for any module like Support Tickets also. In SalesHiker, for each Card in Kanban view, you can select different color to make it easy to get quick visual overview of any module. All you need to select values form one Drop-down in a module to create these Cards. Simply follow the below four steps to create a Kanban board for a module[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

ost popular Kanban views are Sales Pipeline, Leads Pipeline, Accounts (Organizations) Pipeline, Support Tickets, Projects and Project Tasks Management. Once Admin sets Kanban view, all users can view the board using any filters created in the module. User can also select a different drop-list to view a different board.

Here are some use cases for using Kanban view with different filters for different drop-downs. For example, in leads you can create Kanban board for Leads by Source, Lead statuses and Leads by industry. Set different colors for different drop-list values. When you open the board, you can filter the cards shown on the board using same filters you have created for the Leads Module.  It can be different combinations like Leads by source with “Hot Leads” filter applied. You can exploit all possible combinations to visualize and optimize your workflows in more effective way.

Furthermore, you can also simply drag and move a card that automatically changes the value of selected drop-down list. For example to change a lead from cold to hot, simply drag that lead card from cold list to Hot or to change an opportunity status from Qualify to Negotiation and so on.

Kanban View comes as a default in SalesHiker.

Yes, That’s our default feature for all subscription plans offered by SalesHiker. We believe in simplified pricing with optimized performance of our CRM for all of our clients and we find Kanban view a very powerful tool for productivity. 

Major advantages of using Kanban Board.

Apart from comprehensive view, it really helps you to find bottlenecks in sales pipeline and decide next sales and marketing strategies based on it. For executives of all levels, it helps saving time and increase productivity by getting their focus on relevant and more important information and data.

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