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What Restaurants can do with CRM!

By Tuesday June 12th, 2018 No Comments

People come to your restaurant for good food

Make it an experience using CRM

Restaurants business need close interaction and connection with their customers & this is done best using CRM.  Can’t imagine how? Here are 5 ways how you can provide personalized experience to your customers, improvise processes you practice in your restaurants and increase revenues over a period of time.

  1. Integrate CRM with your existing system, POS and SMS service
    In today’s competitive times, you must be using multiple channels like your website, social media, emails and other online content to market. Get them integrated with CRM to track which activity is most rewarding. Send SMS to different sets of customers about offers and events. Get your customer’s billing details from POS to CRM to see who likes what
  2. You make them come back

    Get reports from CRM about their visit frequency, birthdays & anniversaries, menu preferences and other choices. Give them personalized service based on information about them and they will never forget you. This will make you on the top of their favorite restaurants’ list.
  3. Improvise your menu

    Learn from CRM reports like billing items list, most ordered dish, least ordered dish and decide what to promote or what to replace with what. This will ensure that each item on your menu is popular and help you eliminating what’s not popular & is not required
  4. Effective Marketing Campaign
    This is one of the most productive efforts in marketing. Sending emails or SMSes based on average spending, occasions, frequency of visits and similar data. Even you can target those who hasn’t visited since long time with special offers. Tailored offers and promotions with personalized messages has its own amazing effect.
  5. Cashless Payment Do something better with the time. Offer online or mobile payment to customers by integrating payment gateways. Works best for delivery orders. Saves time to print bill and saves paper.

We at SalesHiker provide customized CRM for restaurants with all integrations you require.

Moreover our team is always at your disposal for consultation and Training.

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