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It is very important to understand how CRM is implemented and how much time it takes to do it.

CRM is about people. People from your organization and who they are dealing with. Depending upon your organization type like manufacturing, trading or a service provider, you may have different teams in place coordinating with each other and with customers.

  • Note down, what processes and people managing them, would you like to bring in CRM.
  • List all Roles and what set of information each role will have to capture and have access to in CRM

Import all current customer related data like contacts, companies, products, services, vendors and more into CRM. Set basic workflows and essential configurations like emails, phone numbers and user related information

Get started with CRM for everything you can do with it like capturing leads, generating invoices or reports. Help all CRM users with frequent trainings to comfort them about using CRM.

Over a period of time

  • Take regular feedback from team about what changes they wish to make for better usability
  • Make the list of new enhancements you wish to make in the system
  • What team would like to do more with CRM

This is a process which happens over a period of few weeks to a few months. This will help you prepare document about what customization would you like to make in your current CRM. Share with us your thoughts and your team’s feedback. We will help you make your CRM better from time to time.

Our experience says that the above suggested exercise will build the most productive and personalized CRM for your organization over the period of 12 to 18 months from where onwards you will have little spending on new developments and increased sales and productivity.

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